Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What are Sisterlocks™ and How to Start Sisterlocks™-like Locks on a Budget

Sisterlocks is a hairstyle and management system that involves the creation and maintenance of micro locks resulting from a specially patterned precision parting method and the maintenance of hair using a special tool to form the sisterlock locking formation. It is in essence, designer locks that have a very specific look that you will pay for - just like designer clothing. The imitation isn't the same.  I wish I could tell you more, but this style is copyrighted and cannot be taught freely on the internet. Men wear them too but they are usually referred to as Brotherlocks™.  

It is said to be very gentle on hair and can be done on thin or fragile hair without damage. Although not ideal, many people start Sisterlocks™ with relaxed ends. You can start the process with only two inches of new growth and remove the relaxed ends when you are comfortable doing so. Sisterlocks can be removed but it is a very challenging and time-consuming process. If you think that you may want to remove them, it may be best not to put them in as removal can take months and cause much breakage. 

Here are some advantages
  • Fine locks offer more versatility
  • Low maintenance between installation
Here are some disadvantages
  • Length of installation and maintenance. You can spend anywhere from 3-6 hours every 4-6 weeks on  maintenance and up to 18-24 hours on installation.
  • Cost of installation and maintenance. (Installation can cost even $600 or $700).
So, do you want Sisterlocks but can't afford them? Many people opt to do micro-locks that they can maintain with a homemade tool or latchhook instead. Most people either start by latching the entire length of the lock or creating small plaits then interlocking or latching the new growth. Check out the video below. 

This video shows how you can create a similar look to sisterlocks.

This video shows the story of someone who wanted sisterlocks but didn't want to spend the money as well. 


  1. Replies
    1. :) Someone who wants to make money from it.

  2. According to the courts and the law of the land no one can copyright a hairstyle. The creator of the Nappyloc tool challenged the Sisterlock establishment in court and won based on that fact. The only thing the Sisterlocks has patented and copy written is the instructional method they've created and the actual Sisterlock tool which they keep very well guarded. That is really all the Sisterlock brand consists of. The actual style of micro-interlocking is not a new creation and in itself is not exclusive to the Sisterlock brand.

    If you want more info here is the link: http://sisterlocksvnappylocscourtcasenappylocswon.com

    1. Thanks for sharing this very valuable information. I will be looking into it soon and do an updated blog post.


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